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Listen to Praise and Worship Songs While Doing Chores

Some Favorite Praise and Worship Songs

I am a homemaker, and I’ll admit that cleaning the house is not my favorite thing to do. But it is an act of love for my family. And listing to praise and worship songs while doing chores reminds me of that.

My favorite songs to listen (and sing along with) to while doing chores tend to be a little more high energy. Or they remind me of retreat experiences. But a few are more reflective. So here are some of my favorites.

See lots of Contemporary Catholic worship songs here.

There are more I like, but that is a sampling.  Praising the Lord while I am cleaning makes me happy. This is a great example for our children also. We are not just called to serve. We are called to joyful service. Praise and worship songs can help us do that.

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