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Pray for More Vocations to the Priesthood

Why should we pray for more vocations to the priesthood?

It is no secret that we need more priests in the Catholic Church. Giving your whole life to the service of the Church is counter-cultural and many young people do not even consider it. Or they do not think they are "worthy" of the priesthood. But God calls us all to a specific vocation. So we should pray that those being called to the priesthood will hear and answer that call.

So when you are thinking about extra ways to spend your time in prayer during Lent, consider praying for more vocations to the priesthood. Maybe it will even become an extra habit which extends beyond Lent.

Ways to pray for vocations to the priesthood

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray a Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Our Father for your parish pastor every day. Pastors serve their parishes with their lives. Give them your support through prayer. At the same time, pray for more young men to enter the priesthood.
  • Whenever you go to mass, say an extra prayer before mass for the celebrant and one for vocations.
  • Say a rosary for vocations. Commit to say it daily, weekly, or just once.
  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site also has a nice list of prayers for vocations. There are over 40 different prayers listed there.
  • Youth should be encouraged to pray for their own vocation - whether priesthood, religious life, married, or consecrated single. Use the prayer below to help young Catholics discern their own vocation.

Prayer for Discerning Vocations for Youth

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Father in Heaven,
In baptism you called me to be priest, prophet, and king.
As priest, I am called to offer my life to your, to sacrifice.
As prophet, I am called to spread the Good News.
As king, I am called to be your daughter (son) , an heir to your Kingdom.

Please send your Holy Spirit to show me how I can live this calling.
Show me how I might serve.
Also, show my brothers and sisters how they are called to serve you:
As priest, sisters, brothers, deacons, lay minister, married people, consecrated singles.

There are so many opportunities for me to lay down my life for you.
Help me see where you are calling me at this time in my life.
Make me open to discern my vocation.
I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ my Lord.



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