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Walk Stop Mix Up - Youth Ministry Game

Walk Stop Mix Up is a team building game or icebreaker which requires listening skills.

This youth ministry or youth group game

  • doesn't require any props or materials,
  • can be played indoors
  • works for a large range of group sizes
  • will make people laugh when they get mixed up

Walk Stop Mix Up

Here is how to play a simple icebreaker game which requires no props.


  • None


  1. Have everyone spread out.
  2. Tell everyone that when you say "walk" they should walk around and when you say "stop" they should stop. Easy enough!
  3. Do these commands a couple times.
  4. Next instruct them that you are adding a command. When you say "clap" they should all do a single clap (simultaneously if possible). If they were walking, they should continue walking.
  5. Practice this several times. The clapping and walking at the same time can be a challenge for some!
  6. Now tell them the walking and stopping instructions are reversed. When you say "stop" they should walk and when you say "walk" they should stop. "Clap" still means a single clap.
  7. Play this way for a few minutes. This should get everyone laughing at their own confusion.
  8. If this seems too easy, and for even more confusion, add another command such as "tap" to tap their own forehead. You can even reverse this with the "clap" command.


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