A prayer labyrinth is a path which is walked very slowly while praying. The walking can help calm and focus the mind on prayer. You can create a prayer labyrinth, either indoors or outdoors.

See Go to a Prayer Labyrinth for more background information on this type of prayer and for instructions on how to pray while walking the labyrinth.

To create your own labyrinth, read on!

Create a Prayer Labyrinth

A prayer labyrinth is meant to be walked slowly and purposefully. The path leads to the center of the labyrinth, just as our prayer should lead us to God. Several people may walk the labyrinth at once, especially if it is large, but they should remain spread out.



Lay out the labyrinth

  1. If you are doing the labyrinth inside, you will need a large space, such as a gym. Just mark the pattern shown on the floor with masking tape.
  2. If you are doing it outdoors on a parking lot, mark the pattern shown using sidewalk chalk.
  3. To create the labyrinth on a field, use long pieces of rope.
  4. For a nighttime experience, place lighted tea lights along the path.

Walk the labyrinth

  • Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as you pray.
  • Try to clear all distractions from your mind.
  • Walk the path slowly, mindful that you are wanting to approach God.
  • If a though comes into your head, decide if it is from God or just a distraction. If it seems to be from God, let it accompany you as you walk. If it is a distraction, try to leave it behind.
  • When you finish walking, say a prayer of gratitude to God for this time spent together.






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