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First Reading for St. Joseph Husband of Mary

2 Samuel 7:4-5a, 12-14a, 16

Summary: God tells Nathan to inform David that his offspring will build a temple for God and establish an everlasting kingdom, with God as his father, ensuring David's lineage and throne endure forever.

Eternal Promise to David

The LORD spoke to Nathan and said:

“Go, tell my servant David, ‘When your time comes and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your heir after you, sprung from your loins, and I will make his kingdom firm.

It is he who shall build a house for my name.

And I will make his royal throne firm forever.

I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to me.

Your house and your kingdom shall endure forever before me; your throne shall stand firm forever.’”

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