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A Prayer of Love to God (Based on Psalm 45)

This is a prayer of love to God based on Psalm 45.

Psalm 45 is a wedding song. It speaks of the strength of the king, who marries a foreign woman who leaves her family to become his wife. The song praises his justice. This king loves his wife and her beauty.

God loves us with this intense love also. He is our Lord and we are his beloved. He lavishes us with blessings and calls us his own. Let us praise Him for this.

This psalm is the responsorial psalm for Mass during the day for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Prayer of Love to God: A Prayer Based on Psalm 45

I find myself wanting to sing my Lord,
To sing a song to you.

You use your strength
to protect truth and justice
and to defend the meek.

Your reign is eternal.
You are above all others.

When I am in your presence
I feel such joy!

Nothing else is important to me.
Only your love matters.

You call me into your family.
You care for me and tell me I am special.
How blessed I am!

Praise and glory to you my Lord,
forever and ever.


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