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Show Me the Money Game

About Show Me the Money

This is just a fun game played with play money. It is meant to get everyone interacting and there is no real lesson here.

It could be played with any meeting focused on money or wealth. Or just for fun!

How to Play Show Me the Money


  • Play money (grab some from your Monopoly set or make your own denominations)
  • Coins ( for coin flipping)


  1. Give each player an equal amount of “money”.
  2. They challenge another player and choose to play
    • Thumb wrestling
    • Coin toss
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  3. A player cannot decline a challenge. You must play!
  4. If they can’t agree on a game, they do a coin toss.
  5. Once they choose their game, they wager an amount. They cannot wager more than the other person has.
  6. They play their game and the winner gets the wager.
  7. This continues for a set amount of time – such as 10 minutes.
  8. When time is up, the person with the most “money” wins.

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2 responses to “Show Me the Money Game”

  1. Kaisa Turpeenniemi Avatar
    Kaisa Turpeenniemi

    I have game show me the money, but no roles. Please, can I get the roles in finnish, so I and my granchildren can play it

    1. Young Catholics Avatar

      There aren’t any roles in this version of the game.

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