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Penny Chin Game

About Penny Chin Game

Penny Chin is a funny game where players try to balance a penny on their chins without tilting their heads back or touching it with their hands. There is a trick! See the notes below.

They will end up looking very silly. This game is guaranteed to make everyone laugh. It is a good tie-in for any lesson on money, tithing, or generosity.

How to Play Penny Chin Game


  • 1 coin per player


  1. Have the group divide into pairs. Give each player a penny.
  2. The players must keep the penny on their chins without touching it with their hands or tilting their heads back. See the notes for the trick!
  3. Each player tries to distract his partner or get her to move in order to make her drop the penny.
  4. The player in the pair who keeps the penny on his chin longer wins the round.
  5. After each round, have the winners pair off to play another round.
  6. Last one left at the end wins!


It is very difficult to keep the penny on the chin without tilting the head back. The trick is to pull the lower lip over the penny and hold the lip there with a finger or two. This is not breaking the rules because it is the lip, not the hand touching the penny.

Smiling and laughing makes it difficult to hold the lip in place, so this is a good way to make someone drop it. 🙂

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