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Praise the Goodness of God - A Prayer Based on Psalm 103

God Is Good

This prayer based on Psalm 103 praises the goodness of God. He knows us completely and shows us mercy. He does not hold our sins against us. Instead he saves us.

Praise the Goodness of God

Based on Psalm 103

God you are so good to me!
You forgive me.
You are with me when I am hurting.
You transform and renew my life.

You are just and merciful.
When I walk away, you call me back to you.
You don't keep reminding me of my sins.

Your mercy is bigger than I can imagine.
My strengths and weaknesses are not hidden from you.
My failures and shame are in your sight.
There is nothing you don't know about me.
Still you gaze on me with love.

You love all people.
Heaven and earth belong to you.
Save us O God!
Only you have the power to set us free!


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