Around the Mountain Game

Around the Mountain Game is an icebreaker. It is a combination of I Would Never Ever and Musical Chairs.

How to Play Around the Mountain Game


  • Chairs - enough for each person less one


  1. Arrange the chairs in a circle.
  2. Choose one person to be It first. This person stands in the middle of the circle.
  3. The person who is It makes a statement like "Run around the mountain if you ________________". (See the notes below.)
  4. All the people for whom the statement is true must run around the circle once and then sit in a different chair than they were sitting in. It goes directly to a chair and sits in it.
  5. Whoever does not have a chair is It next.
  6. Continue playing for as long as time permits.


The statements will be best if they help them learn about each other. It might be helpful to give some examples:

... if you have a dog.
... if you have ever been to a farm.
... if you have siblings.
... if you like broccoli.

Love Your Neighbor Game

This another icebreaker is a little like musical chairs or Duck Duck Goose. It involves getting up and moving to an empty seat. The question is, do you love your neighbor or not? 🙂

God Who Moves The Mountains (Song)

This song goes well with a mountain theme.

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