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Emotion in Motion Game

In this game, youth use their facial expressions to pass their emotions around a circle. There is no winner or loser. This is just a game about how our faces can show our emotions.

How to Play the Emotion in Motion Game


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  1. Have the group sit in a circle.
  2. Choose a player to start the circle.
  3. Say an emotion, such as happy, sad, surprised, scared, angry, etc.
  4. The starting player should try to reflect that emotion on his or her face.
  5. Next, the person to the left does the same.
  6. Go all the way around the circle in this way until everyone has had a chance.
  7. Then give them another word.


  • Instead of giving them a word, give them a phrase to evoke an emotion. See how they react. For example:
    • Here is some ice cream
    • What did you just step in?
    • We are having broccoli for dinner
    • Why did you punch me?
  • Play it telephone style. Write the word or phrase on a card and hand that to the first player. They shouldn't let anyone else see it. Then go around the circle. Ask the last player what they thought the word or phrase might be about.

More Games

Games are a recommended part of any youth program. Youth ministry games can be used as icebreakers to help youth get to know each other better. They can be used to foster teamwork and trust. They are a way to spend a little energy when they have been sitting to long.

Love youR Neighbor Icebreaker Game
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Won’t You Smile Game

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