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Sculptionary Game

Sculptionary is good starting game for a ministry gathering. It is like Pictionary, except with clay sculpting instead of drawing. Adults and youth will enjoy it! You can use one of the word lists provided below or use words related to the theme of your meeting.

You can cut down on expenses by making your own Model Magic.

How to Play Sculptionary



  1. Divide the group into teams. 4 teams works well because you can put each in a corner of the room. About 4 to 6 teens per team is a good number.
  2. Give each team some sculpting material.
  3. Give each team a table covering. This is optional if they are playing at tables but recommended if they are playing on the floor.
  4. Have each team choose a “sculptor” for the round.
  5. The teams should all stand in their corners.
  6. The sculptors meet in the middle of the room where the leader gives them the word or phrase for the round.
  7. The sculptors return to their teams and use the clay to depict the word. The sculptor may not talk and writing the word or phrase by forming letters is not allowed.
  8. The teams try to guess the word or phrase based on the clues the sculptor is giving them. When they get it right, the sculptor tells them to all sit down to indicate to the other teams that they have guessed it.
  9. The first team to guess the word wins the round.
  10. Play multiple rounds, with a new sculptor from each team for each round.
  11. The team which wins the most rounds wins the game.

Suggested Themed Lists for Sculptionary

Use just one of these or combine them. After you cut them up, you can remove any which you think will be too difficult for your group.

Printable Copy of Sculptionary

Talent Comm Game A Talents Game

Talent Comm

Talent Comm is a talent game which lets players interact based on their personal gifts for communication. Some people communicate through words, others through pictures, and others through actions.


Pictionary is a similar game to play with your youth group.

Human Knot Game

This is an icebreaker in which a group must work together to “untie” themselves from a knot. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.

Homemade Model Magic Recipe

This homemade version is not exactly like the commercial version, but it works well for this purpose. The recipe is lighter and softer than the homemade play-dough and has a very nice feel to it.

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