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Pictionary (Youth Ministry Game)

Pictionary is warm up game to play with your youth group. You can use words with are related to the theme of the meeting. Teens love this game!

This version has multiple teams playing at once to keep everyone engages, but you can also play with only one team guessing. In that case, put a time limit on how long they have to guess the word or phrase.


This is a drawing game. There is a boxed version with ideas or you can make up your own using these lists.


  • Portable whiteboards or flip charts
  • Dry erase markers for whiteboards
  • thick markers if using flip chart
  • A set of words or phrases related to the theme of your meeting written on slips of paper


  1. Divide the group into teams. 4 teams works well because you can put each in a corner of the room. About 4 to 6 teens per team is a good number.
  2. Put a whiteboard or flip chart for each team in a corner of the room and give them a set of markers
  3. Have each team choose an “artist” for the round.
  4. The teams should all stand near their whiteboards.
  5. The artists meet in the middle of the room where the leader gives them the word or phrase for the round.
  6. The artists return to their teams and draw on the whiteboard to indicate the word or phrase. The artist may not talk and writing the word or phrase in words is not allowed.
  7. The teams try to guess the word or phrase based on the clues the artists is giving them. When they get it right, the artist tells them to all sit down to indicate to the other teams that they have guessed it.
  8. The first team to guess the word wins the round.
  9. Play multiple rounds, with a new artist from each team for each round.
  10. The team which wins the most rounds wins the game.

Suggested Themed Lists for Pictionary

Use just one of these or combine them. After you cut them up, you can remove any which you think will be too difficult for your group.


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