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Litany of the Names of Jesus

A litany is a prayer which includes requests and repetition. Usually a leader says the first part of a line and everyone responds with the second part.

In this Litany of the Names of Jesus, we pray to Jesus using some of his many names.

Litany of of the Names of Jesus

Lord have mercy, ... Lord have mercy.
Christ have mercy, ... Christ have mercy.
Hear our prayer, ... hear our prayer.

Jesus Christ, ... hear our prayer
Beloved Son of God, ... hear our prayer
The Great I Am, ... hear our prayer
King of Kings, ... hear our prayer
Bread of Life, ... hear our prayer
Splendor of the Father, ... hear our prayer

Lord of All, ... have mercy on us
Son of the Living God, ... have mercy on us
Sign and Contradiction, ... have mercy on us
Beloved Teacher, ... have mercy on us

Mighty Deliverer, ... save your people
Emmanuel, ... save your people
Light of the World, ... save your people
Prince of Peace, ... save your people
Holy Redeemer, ... save your people
King of Glory, ... save your people

Good Shepherd, ... lead us to the Father
Alpha and Omega, ... lead us to the Father
The Way, the Truth, and the Life, ... lead us to the Father
Word Made Flesh, ... lead us to the Father
Meek and Humble of Heart, ... lead us to the Father
One True Light, ... lead us to the Father

Lamb of God, ... take away our sins.
Lamb of God, ... grant us peace.
Hear our prayer, ... hear our prayer.

Video of Litany

See and hear this litany in video format.

Litany of the Call to Discipleship
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Litany of the Call to Discipleship

This Litany of the Call to Discipleship asks our Lord to give us the grace to be His disciples. It focuses on various people in the gospel and asks for the grace to answer His call as they did.

Litany of Belief
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Litany of Belief

This litany of belief is a prayer based upon the prayer of the father of the boy possessed by a demon (Mark 9:24) and the profession of faith of St. Thomas the Apostle (John 20:28). The responses are “I do believe, help my unbelief” and “My Lord and my God”.

Litany to the Blessed Host

St. Faustina suffered greatly in this life, both physically and spiritually. She found consolation in offering her suffering for the souls of all of those suffer, and especially for those sinners who needed God’s mercy. Her devotion to the Blessed Sacrament helped her endure much pain. This is a litany she wrote to pray while in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

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