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Turkey Hunt Thanksgiving Game

About This Thanksgiving Game

This is a Thanksgiving game for your youth group. You will need an open area, but it can be played indoors. The best part is that it doesn’t require any materials, so you can use it as a bonus game or time filler without any preparation.

This Thanksgiving game is a combination of the Jackrabbit game and the Chicken in a Hut game. It can get a little complicated, but that is part of the fun. Adapt it to the number of people you have.

How to Play Turkey Hunt Thanksgiving Game


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Divide the youth into groups of three and have the groups stand in a circle.  In each group there two of the people stand across from each other holding hands – London Bridge style. They are the “tree”. The third person squats in the middle, hiding in the “tree”. This person is the “turkey”.

You will also need somebody to be “It”.

The person who is It calls one of the commands in random order. At each command either all of the groups or one group must do the action for the command. These actions will all involve some sort of movement or running to a new position.

Some of the commands will always result in a new person being “It”. Others will only cause a new It if somebody messes up. If a person does not follow the command correctly right away, he is It.

Sometimes there is a “tie” and you have to determine which person will be it. Use Rock Paper Scissors to decide.  You can change the words to something more  seasonal to go with this Thanksgiving game.

These are the commands for the all of the groups. When one of these is called, all of the players must do the action.

  • Hunter – The turkeys must all switch trees. Last turkey in a tree is It.
  • Fire in the Hearth – All of the trees must change partners. If they do not find new partner, then their turkey is it.
  • Supper Time – Everybody – turkeys and trees – must move to a new position. Trees must also switch partners. If a turkey ends up with a former member of their “tree” then he is it. If partners end up together, then one of them must be It.

These commands are meant to be directed at one trio only. When these are called, the person who is it, points at one trio, and only they must do the action.

  • Pass the Potatoes – The turkey must run to the left and the trees must run to the right. They run all the way around the circle and return to the original spot. Last person back is It.
  • Stir the Gravy – Everyone in the trio takes a new position. The trees must either switch sides or become the turkey. The turkey must become one of the trees. Last one in position is It. But, if they do it really quickly, nobody is It.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen – Just the turkey runs away from the tree. They tag another turkey and both must run around the circle to the tagged turkey’s position. Whichever turkey gets there last is It. However – if one of the trees moves when this is called he is It instead.

Have fun and make up your own rules and actions. This Thanksgiving game is meant to be silly and slightly chaotic.

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the only prayer

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.- Meister Eckhart

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