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Ninja Youth Ministry Game

Ninja is a game for about 8 to 12 youth. It can be used as a warm up game or a time filler. And it can be played in any meeting space. Teenagers love this game.

How to Play Ninja


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  1. The group stands in a circle, with their hands placed together. (Prayer style)
  2. On "go" each player strikes a ninja pose.
  3. Players take turns swiping at each other with their hands. They may only take one step with one foot while swiping. At the end of the swipe, they freeze and cannot move.
  4. The player being swiped at may also move their hands and take one step, but must also freeze after the dodge.
  5. If a target's hand is hit, it is "dead" That hand must be held behind their back for the rest of the game.
  6. When both of a player's hands are hit he or she is completely dead and is out.
  7. Play continues with each player taking a turn in clockwise order.
  8. Last player left in the game wins.


The Medusa Game is an icebreaker or warm up game for a group of about 8 or more teenagers. It is based on the Greek legend of Medusa. Looking at her caused people to turn to stone.

Chicken on a Hut

This game makes a fun break in a meeting. It is a favorite with teenagers. Because of the physical contact with the partners, when playing games like this with a coed group, boys are partners with boys and girls are partners with girls.

Musical Statues Game

Dance and freeze! This game is a cross between a dance party and musical chairs.


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