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Train Construction

In this activity, youth build a train from ordinary items which would normally be recycled or thrown away. Or they can just use household items. There are two approaches: a large train which children can sit it or a smaller train to play with.

This goes well with a theme of how we are all connected or how Jesus pulls us through the hard times in our lives.

In addition to the materials below, you will want some ways to decorate the trains, such as paints, markers, and construction paper. And don't forget to have some ways to hold things together, such as glue, tape, and duct tape.

For a large train, here are some materials to start with

  • large cardboard boxes
  • paper plates
  • frisbees
  • ropes

For small trains try these starters:

  • empty food boxes
  • plastic lids
  • empty water bottles
  • string

See my constructions post for additional materials you might use or things you might add on. Add your own ideas to the comments below.

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