Drip Drip Drop Game for Youth Ministry

Drip Drip Drop youth ministry game is a water game for teenagers which can be played indoors if you don’t mind wiping up a few puddles at the end. It is basically Duck Duck Goose with water.

Drip Drip Drop Game


  • small cup – use a little cup for a little mess
  • pitcher of water


  1. Have the youth sit in a circle.
  2. Choose one youth to be It. Give It the cup filled with water.
  3. It walks around the circle and drips a small amount of water on each head and says “Drip”.
  4. After a few drips, It drops the rest of the water on the next person’s head and says “Drop”.
  5. That person (Drop) gets up and chases It around the circle. If they tag It before It gets to Drop’s space in the circle, then they get to be It. (Or you can reverse this. But they will want to be It for this game.)
  6. The new It fills the cup and continues.

More Resources

Water Drop Race

This is another water game. No need to worry about making a mess with this one. Youth blow a water drop to move it along.

What’s In the Bag Game

Here is another simple game. Put items in the bag which fit the theme of your gathering.






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