Several water drops, such as you try to move along in a water drop race.

Water Drop Race

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Drip Drip Drop

Water Dropper Race

Water Drop Race is an indoor water game. It is not messy at all! This works well with any age group also. It would go well with any topic related to water, such as baptism, or a community theme, since the water drop sticks together.

If you don’t believe this will work, try it yourself! It is not difficult to move the drop of water as long as you don’t blow too hard. That will cause it to divide into smaller drops.

How to Play Water Drop Race


  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • small dish of water
  • straws (optional)


  1. Tear off a sheet of wax paper for each player. Use the scissors to cut them into the same size.
  2. Place a large drop of water on each sheet of wax paper.
  3. Have the players blow on the drops to move them along the wax paper. They can either blow directly on the drop or use a straw.
  4. First player to get their drop of water (or most of it) to the opposite side wins.


  • It might be helpful to lay down some rules about how much of the water has to get to the end of the sheet of wax paper. If they separate their drop, they can either blow it back into one big drop or move the smaller drops separately to the end.

More Ideas

Drip Drip Drop

Drip Drip Drop youth ministry game is a water game for teenagers which can be played indoors if you don’t mind wiping up a few puddles at the end. It is basically Duck Duck Goose with water.

Water Dropper Race

Water Dropper Race is another indoor water game. Youth will use an eye dropper to transfer water from one container to another. The team or individual with the most water in the end wins.






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