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Guardian Angels

Each of us has a guardian angel who watches over us.  Angels are celestial beings assigned to guide and protect individuals. The concept is rooted in scripture, including passages from the Old and New Testaments. For example, Psalm 91:11 states, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Guardian Angels on October 2nd. This day serves as a reminder to Catholics about the presence and assistance of these angels. They know us well and are aware of what tempts us. They see how we use our gifts. Our angels can help us grow closer to God.

These angels are also an example of God’s mercy. Everyone has a guardian angel, even people who don’t believe in God. And even the people we don’t get along with!

Many people pray to their angel for guidance, especially during difficult times. The commonly taught “Guardian Angel Prayer” (see below) is often recited by children and adults alike.

In theology, these angels aren’t just a comforting notion but have a doctrinal basis. St. Thomas Aquinas, a prominent theologian, devoted a portion of his work to the study of angels. According to Aquinas, each person receives a guardian angel at birth, and this angel remains with the individual throughout their life.

Some might wonder how to interact with their angel. Prayer is the most straightforward way. You can specifically request help or guidance in decision-making, or simply acknowledge their presence. However, it’s essential to remember that while angels can guide us, they do not overrule human free will.

In summary, guardian angels in Catholic belief serve to guide and protect. They’re supported by both scripture and tradition. Whether or not you actively engage with the concept, the belief in guardian angels has a significant place in Catholic theology and devotional practices.

Daily Mass Readings for the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

The first reading and psalm may also be taken from the Mass of the day, but the gospel is proper, meaning it is always used for the memorial.

  • First ReadingExodus 23:20-23: The LORD is sending an angel to guide and protect you on your journey to a prepared place. Listen to the angel’s voice and follow the LORD’s commands, and your enemies will be defeated.
  • Responsorial PsalmPsalm 91: If you dwell in the LORD’s shelter, you’ll be safe from dangers and fears. His faithfulness acts as a shield, and he commands his angels to guard you in all situations.
  • GospelMatthew 18:1-5, 10: When asked who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus places a child among the disciples. He asserts that humility, like that of a child, is essential for entering heaven. He also warns against despising the “little ones,” noting that their angels are ever-present before God.

Guardian Angels help us in our lives and show us where we need to go. Our angel is the daily bridge to our encounter with the Father.

Pope Francis

Homilies and Reflections

Word On Fire: Angels as Heavenly Guides

In this reflection, Bishop Robert Barron argues that believing in angels is reasonable given the complexity and variety of the physical universe. He addresses the question of why God would use angels instead of interacting directly, suggesting that in Catholic theology, God often works through secondary causes. This allows creatures to participate in divine providence. Drawing from Aquinas, Bishop Barron notes that angels serve as guides due to our fallible nature, becoming friends once we no longer need guidance in heaven.

USCCB Reflection: Angels in Our Spiritual Lives

This USCCB video discusses the notion of angels, invisible entities believed to guide and protect us. The talk encourages embracing a childlike simplicity when considering these celestial beings, citing prayers and personal experiences to underscore their role in our spiritual lives.

Guardian Angel Prayer

This traditional prayer is something we teach young children, but it is a wonderful prayer for Christians of all ages. Praying it connects us with our angel who is always with us, watching over us. Our angels can help us focus in meditation, guide us, and guard us from evil.

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side
to light and guard, to rule and guide.


O Most Faithful Companion Prayer

O most faithful companion, appointed by God to be my guardian, and who never leaves my side, how shall I thank you for your faithfulness and love and for the benefits which you have obtained for me!

You watch over me when I sleep; you comfort me when I am sad; you avert the dangers that threaten me and warn me of those to come; you withdraw me from sin and inspire me to good; you exhort me to penance when I fall and reconcile me to God.

I beg you not to leave me. Comfort me in adversity, restrain me in prosperity, defend me in danger, and assist me in temptations, lest at any time I fall beneath them.

Offer up in the sight of the Divine Majesty my prayers and petitions, and all my works of piety, and help me to persevere in grace until I come to everlasting life. Amen.

Quotes and Social Media Graphics

I am ever under the gaze of an angel
I am ever under the gaze of an angel who protects and prays for me. – Pope Saint John XXIII
Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels

Frequently Asked Questions

What date is the Feast of the Guardian Angels?

It is observed annually on October 2. This is a day set aside in the Catholic liturgical calendar to honor and acknowledge the role of these angels in the lives of the faithful.

What are the Mass readings for the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels?

The first reading and psalm may also be taken from the Mass of the day, but the gospel is proper, meaning it is always used for the memorial.
First Reading – Exodus 23:20-23
Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 91
Gospel – Matthew 18:1-5, 10
See the readings section of this page for a longer summary of these readings for the memorial and links to the readings.

Who are Guardian Angels?

Every one of us is assigned a angel that looks out for us. They’re familiar with our weaknesses and temptations. They also observe how we utilize our talents. These angels can assist us in deepening our relationship with God.

Where in the Bible are guardian angels mentioned?

Guardian angels appear in both the Old and New Testaments. Psalm 91:11 and Matthew 18:10 are often cited as scriptural basis for the belief in these angels.

How are guardian angels assigned?

The teaching is that each individual receives a angel at birth. This angel is believed to stay with the person throughout their lifetime, guiding and protecting them.

Can you pray to your guardian angel?

Yes, you can pray to your angel for guidance and protection. Many Catholics recite the “Guardian Angel Prayer,” particularly before bedtime or during moments of distress.

What is the Guardian Angel Prayer?

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side
to light and guard, to rule and guide.

(Printable copy)

Do guardian angels intervene in our lives?

While these angels are believed to offer guidance and protection, they do not interfere with human free will. They can help in subtle ways but won’t make decisions for you.

Is belief in guardian angels mandatory for Catholics?

While the concept has scriptural and doctrinal backing, individual Catholics vary in the extent to which they engage with the belief in angels. However, it is a widely accepted part of Catholic theology.

Do other religious traditions believe in guardian angels?

Yes, the concept of protective spiritual beings is not exclusive to Catholicism. Various forms of belief in guardian entities exist in Islam, Judaism, and other spiritual traditions.

Can guardian angels communicate with us?

While there’s no definitive teaching on this, many believe that angels can communicate through subtle signs or feelings. However, direct communication is generally not accepted in Catholic doctrine.

How do I know if my guardian angel is helping me?

Signs of guidance or protection are often personal and subtle. Some people report experiencing a sense of comfort or intuitive nudges in certain situations.

Are guardian angels considered saints?

No, angels and saints serve different roles. Saints are human beings who lived virtuous lives and are venerated by the Church. Angels are celestial beings created by God to guide and protect humans.

Is there a hierarchy among angels?

According to traditional Catholic teaching, notably by theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas, angels are organized into a hierarchy. Guardian angels are typically considered to be from the “lowest” choir of this hierarchy, which doesn’t imply inferiority but denotes their close interaction with humans.

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