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Make a Prayer Chain

A prayer chain puts our prayers in a tangible form. For children, this can be a good way to teach about the different types of prayer.

How to Make a Prayer Chain

Simply take four different colors of construction paper and cut them into strips. Designate a type of prayer for each color (see suggestions below). Give your children or students three strips of paper of each of the four colors and have them write that type of prayer on them. Make additional strips of paper available if they want to add more prayers for a type.

Then form the strips into loops and make a chain out of them. Display them somewhere in your home and classroom as a reminder of the prayers.

Types of Prayer for Prayer Chain

Adoration (yellow)

Write a prayer of praise to God for who he is: Lord and Savior of the universe. We honor God for all of the blessings he has provided for us.

Petition (blue)

Write a prayer for something you believe you need or you think is good. Remember to ask for God's will to reign though. This type of prayer can also include asking for forgiveness.

Intercession (red)

Ask for God to help somebody else. If somebody has specifically asked for prayers, add that here. Or just think of somebody you know who is having a difficult time or has suffered a loss.

Thanksgiving (green)

Think of something you are grateful for. Be specific. Instead of just being grateful for your family, pray in thanksgiving for your older sister who helped you with your homework yesterday.

Paper Chain
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Make a Good Deeds Chain

A good deeds chain is a simple paper chain, but you must do a good deed for each piece of paper you add. So have some slips of paper ready, and every time a member of your family does an act of charity for somebody else, write it on the chain.

Make a Rosary Slide Bracelet or Key Chain

A rosary slide bracelet or keychain is a nice craft to remind children and teens to pray. I like making the key-chain which can actually be used for keys for teenagers. Or if they don’t need a key chain they can hang it on their backpack or just keep it in their pocket to remind them to pray.

Learn More about Catholic Prayer

Read from the Catechism about prayers of adoration, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, and praise.


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