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Egg-Chicken-Dinosaur Game (Evolution Game)

Egg-Chicken-Dinosaur is a game which is also sometimes called The Evolution Game. This is a good large group game for youth ministry, youth group, church camp, or Vacation Bible School (especially middle school VBS).

This game can be used just for fun, but it would also fit in well with a meeting about the Catholic view on evolution or any discussion focused on faith and science. You could also tie it in with this quote from our Holy Father:

Each of life’s stages is a time to believe, hope and love.

Pope Francis

This is a game which requires quick thinking and cooperation. It works well for teenagers and older.

How to Play Egg-Chicken-Dinosaur Game (Evolution Game)

Instructions for Evolution Game

  • Each player has a type in the evolution chain and must do the action for that type to find other players of the same type. (See notes below.)
  • Everyone starts out as an egg.
  • Each player finds another player who is the same type as himself and plays Rock Paper Scissors. The winner goes up one step in the evolution chain. The loser goes down one step. (If the loser is an egg, he remains an egg.)
  • Once one becomes a king or queen, one remains a king or queen and does not fight any more battles.
  • The game ends when there is only one egg, one chicken, one dinosaur, and one prince/princess. All others will be kings and queens.

Evolution Chain

  • Egg – walk around on the ground in a little ball, sort of like the fetal position on your feet.
  • Chicken – walk bent over and flapping wings
  • Dinosaur – tromp around, roar, and make t-rex arms
  • Prince or princess – dance and prance
  • King or queen – stand royally, wave, and say “Isn’t this lovely”

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