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Donut Fishing Youth Ministry Game

This donut fishing youth ministry game will get everyone laughing. It is only a little messy, so it can easily be done indoors. Your teens will love it. The basic idea is that a person must eat a donut off of a string. There is also a challenge version of this game.

This donut fishing youth ministry game is fun for a meeting with a theme of being fed by God or with being fishers of men. It also works well for a meeting centered on community. Why do we have donuts after Mass? 🙂 Or it just makes a silly interlude for any meeting.

You can have everyone play or you can play this as an up front game with just a few teams competing.

See the notes at the bottom for how to make this game more challenging.

Donut Fishing Youth Ministry Game


  • dowels – one for each pair
  • string
  • powder sugar donuts


  1. Tie a 3 foot piece of string to each dowel.
  2. Attach a donut to the other end of the string by putting the string through the donut hole and tying it. If the donut does not have a good hole, use a skewer to poke the string through.
  3. Have one member of each pair lie down on their back on the floor.
  4. Give the other member of the pair the fishing pole. They should dangle the donut over their partner’s mouth.
  5. Their partner must try to eat the donut off of the string. No hands allowed!
  6. The first pair with the donut eaten off of the string wins.

Notes for Donut Fishing Game:

  • You can insist that the person on the floor keep the back of their head on the floor.
  • You can also rule that the entire donut must be eaten, so that any pieces which fall off must be tied back on and fished to the person on the floor.
  • For an added challenge, blindfold the person holding the pole. The person on the floor must give directions about how to position the donut.

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