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Silent Sorting Game

About Silent Sorting Game

This is a twist on the usual "line up by your birthday" game. Usually in that game, you will see youth holding up a number of fingers to indicate year, month, day. In this version, they cannot use that option. So they must come up with an alternative method of communicating the numbers.

How to Play Silent Sorting Game


  • None!


  1. Give each person a number. You can do this when they enter the room, or you can assign it on the spot.
  2. Explain the rules:
    • No talking at all
    • No making sounds to indicate their number
    • No holding up fingers to indicate their number
  3. Have them arrange themselves in order, following the rules.


Play your initial round with one of these variations or play a second round this way.

  • Line up by birthday
  • Line up by exact age (a little different than birthday because they must consider the year also)
  • Line up by height
  • Line up by shoe size

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