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Protect the President Game

Protect the President game is a fast paced game to let off some steam and increase energy in the group. It is a variation of dodge-ball.

Start with one dodge ball. If you want to pick up the pace, add another.

For more of a challenge, rule that the president must stay in a designated space. Make a two foot circle on the ground with tape for an example.

How to Play Protect the President Game



  1. Select one person to be the bodyguard and one person to be the president. They stand in the middle.
  2. The rest of the group circles around the two and takes turns throwing the ball at the president.
  3. The bodyguard tries to keep the ball from touching the president. He may block it with any part of his body.
  4. The president may try to step out of the way of the ball but cannot touch the ball with any part of his body.
  5. If the president touches the ball, then the bodyguard becomes the president and the person who threw the ball becomes the bodyguard.
  6. The group may continue throwing during a transition period. (The switch must happen fast!)

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