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Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Game

About Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

Glow in the dark dodgeball puts a fun twist on your traditional dodge ball game. Play it at night or if you can darken your gym you can play in any time. This is a great game for an open gym night with your teens. It goes with any light based theme, such as GLOW (God Lights Our Way) or "let your light shine" (discipleship). Also a fun Easter activity due to the "resurrection line." 🙂

I like to use the soft dodgeballs instead of playground balls.  These don't sting if somebody throws hard. They were a bit of an investment, but we have used them many times.

Glow in the Dark DodgeBall



  1. Put a couple of strips of the phosphorescent tape on each dodge ball.
  2. Also put some tape on the playground cones.
  3. Place the cones around the gym to mark the boundaries of the playing area.
  4. Give each player a couple of the glow bracelets to play.
  5. Play using standard dodge ball rules.
    1. Start with the balls lined up on the center line.
    2. At the start, everyone rushes to get the balls.
    3. Players must stay on their team's side of the court
    4. There are several ways to get out:
      1. Step over the sideline or the center line
      2. Get hit by a live thrown ball
      3. A ball you throw is caught in the air by an opponent
    5. It is OK to block a thrown ball with a held ball.  But if you drop the held ball or if the thrown ball grazes you or hits you in any way, then you are also out.
    6. Balls which hit the ground, or the ceiling, or the wall are not live anymore and cannot get a player out.
    7. Out players must stand on the side, in the resurrection line.
    8. If a teammate catches a ball in the air, the first person in that team's resurrection line may re-enter the game.
    9. You may impose a time limit for how long players can hold onto a ball. Ten seconds is common.
    10. The game ends when one team gets all of the other team's players out.

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