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Minefield Game (Youth Group Game or VBS Game)

Minefield game is a youth group game which seems to have lots of variations. It is easy to set up, requires materials you can find in your meeting space, and can be played indoors, so it is a good option for youth ministry or Vacation Bible School.

How to Play Minefield Game


  • A variety of obstacles:
    • chairs
    • balls
    • boxes
    • tables
  • Blindfolds


  1. Place a variety of obstacles in the play area.
  2. Divide the group into teams. You can play in pairs or in small groups of 3 or 4.
  3. For each team, one person is the “caller”. The other players are blindfolded.
  4. The blindfolded players must make their way through the obstacles by relying on the instructions from the caller.
  5. If a player touches an obstacle, they must go back to the start (following the caller’s instructions) and begin again. There is no penalty if they hit an obstacle while returning to start.
  6. The first team to get all of their players to the opposite side of the minefield wins.


Printable Copy of Minefield Instructions

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