Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

Friday September 29, 2023

The archangels are leaders of angels in the army of God. These three archangels are mentioned in scripture. Their feast day is on September 29.

St. Michael is usually depicted as a warrior, St. Gabriel as a messenger, and St. Raphael as a healer. The readings for this feast with the exception of the first reading (see below) all mention angels directly. The alternate for the first reading mentions St. Michael by name.

These three archangels also remind us of our mission as disciples. We must be defenders of the weak and lost, like St. Michael. We must bring the Good News to the world, like St. Gabriel. And we must be agents of healing to those who are broken, like St. Raphael.

Patron Saints of…

St. Gabriel is the patron saint of messengers, broadcasters, telecommunications workers, postal workers, diplomats, and stamp collectors. St. Michael is the patron saint of military personnel, police officers, paramedics, and grocers. St. Raphael is the patron saint of the blind, nurses, physicians, medical workers, travelers, and happy meetings.

Daily Mass Readings for the Feast of the Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

  • First ReadingDaniel 7:9-10, 13-14: “Thousands upon thousands were ministering to him, and myriads upon myriads attended him.’
  • Alternate First ReadingRevelation 12:7-12ab: “War broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels battled against the dragon.’
  • Responsorial PsalmPsalm 138: “In the sight of the angels I will sing your praises, Lord.”
  • Gospel John 1:47-51: “And he said to him, Amen, amen, I say to you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”


Today, the Church remembers the Archangel Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, messengers of God’s grace. Let us entrust ourselves to them so that our good works might make God’s love visible in the world.

Pope Francis

St. Michael the Archangel Prayer

People typically ask for St. Michael’s intercession in times of spiritual danger. He will help us in battle when we are tempted by the evil one.

Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel – A Healing Prayer

St. Raphael is known as a healer from his role in the book of Tobit. Call upon this angel when you are in need of the healing power of God.

Christ vs. Satan in Our Daily Lives

Fr. Robert Spitzer explains how to recognize evil forces in our lives and overcome them. Through Jesus Christ we can be transformed and fight evil instead of being controlled by it. In the battle of Jesus vs Satan, Jesus will always win if we just let him.

Bishop Robert Barron on Archangels

“Friends, today we celebrate the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. When the existence of God is widely doubted, it just seems unscientific to believe in spiritual beings. And yet, they are prominently mentioned in the Bible; they are amply discussed by the Church Fathers; and the Catechism of the Catholic Church boldly reaffirms the existence and activity of angels.” Continue reading.

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