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Pirate Peg Legged Race

Looking for pirate games? The Pirate Peg Legged Race is basically a three legged relay race with a few other things thrown in for some pirate fun!

This race works well for all ages, so it is suitable for a VBS program, youth group, or youth ministry camp. Our Vacation Bible School often comes up with “extra” games in case something doesn’t work out. This would be a perfect game for that situation, especially if you are focusing on pirate games.

Pirate Peg Legged Race

Pirate games wet variation: Instead of using the treasure as listed below, use water. Let them carry it in their hats. In this pirate game variation, the treasure chest is a bucket they need to fill.

Materials and Equipment

  • Something to tie the adjoining legs of each pair or large elastic bands
  • Two sets of pirate accessories for each team – hat vest, eye patch, sword, etc.
  • Treasure such as candy, small trinkets, silly items, tennis balls, pingpong balls, whatever you want
  • Treasure chest for each team – can be a shoebox
  • Something to mark the start line and the end line such as a rope or cones


  1. Mark the start and end lines on a field.
  2. Spread the treasure out along the end line.
  3. Have everyone pair up and tie their legs together, three legged race style.
  4. Divide the group into two (or more) teams.
  5. Give each team their pirate accessories.
  6. Give each team a treasure chest which they will leave at the start line.
  7. On the start, the first pair from each team each put on their pirate accessories and race to the end line.
  8. They pick up as much treasure as they can carry in their hands and race back to their treasure boxes.
  9. They put their treasure in the treasure chests and hand off their pirate accessories to the next pair in their team.
  10. That pair puts on their accessories and runs down to get more treasure.
  11. This continues until one of the teams fills their treasure chest and wins. (You be the judge of when it is full.)

Printable Copy of Pirate Peg Legged Race

Click here to view and print a copy

More Pirate Games


Mutiny is a game which I have also heard called “human pinata”. In this game, the little pirates chase around the captain and steal his candy. This is a great outdoor game for VBS or youth group. Add it to your list of pirate games.

Treasure Islands

Treasure Islands is a game very like Musical Chairs. Use it for your treasure, pirate, or nautical themed Vacation Bible School , church camp, or youth group party. For younger VBS groups you can put the “islands” closer together. For older students, place them farther apart so they have to do a little running.

Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones Locker is a simple game for young children at Vacation Bible School or church camp. In this game you fish men and treasure out of the sea. Even the youngest children at VBS will enjoy this one. Everyone gets to keep whatever they fish out.

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