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Coffee Filter Prayer

This prayer helps youth consider how to filter out unclean or inappropriate thoughts. This would be a good prayer to use at a meeting focused on using electronic devices or the internet.

Coffee Filter Prayer

Give each student a coffee filter.

If you can, show them how a coffee filter is used to make coffee.

Tell them that a coffee filter helps keep out the things we don't want in our cup of coffee: the coffee grounds. Grounds are bitter and don't taste good. And they get stuck in your teeth.

In the same way, we need to use our minds to filter out the thoughts we don't want. When something bad or inappropriate comes into our minds, we need to actively filter it out

This can be difficult. Sometimes we want to think about the bad thing. But remember, just like we don't want grounds in our coffee, we don't want those bad thoughts in our heads.

We can make a decision to think about something else. Think about something beautiful, like a sunrise or a flower.

But we can be weak. It is hard to resist and sometimes we need help. So pray for the intercession of one of the saints to help you.

Give them a prayer they can take with them. Here are some suggestions

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