Flashlight Prayer Circle

Flashlight Prayer Circle is a simple activity to hold attention during prayer time and to make sure everyone has a chance to offer a prayer.

Flashlight Prayer Circle

This prayer activity works best in a dark room or outside at night. This also works well at prayer time around a campfire. You can use it to focus on a crucifix or some other symbol related to the topic of the day.


  • Flashlights
  • Crucifix



  • Place the crucifix somewhere centrally located to the group.
  • Have everyone start with their flashlights off.
  • If you want the lights to have some color, give each participant a piece of tissue paper to cover the light.
  • One at a time they will turn on their flashlights and direct the beam to the crucifix. Then they will offer their prayer. They should leave the light on, focused on the crucifix.
  • This will continue until everyone has offered a prayer and all lights are focused on the crucifix.






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