Guard the Treasure (Game for VBS or Youth Ministry)

About the Game

This is an active game for youth which can be played in a relativity small indoor area. One youth guards the "treasure" while the thieves try to steal it.

This game works best for a small group of 6 to 8 players. If you have more then that, play with multiple groups.

Guard the Treasure Game


  • a "treasure" - can be anything, something about the size of a shoe works well


  1. Pick somebody to be "It". This person stands in the middle with his or her back to the wall and the treasure at his or her feet.
  2. The other players stand in a semi-circle around It and try to grab the treasure while It tries to touch their hands.
  3. If It succeeds in touching a thief's first hand, then the thief has to hold that hand frozen where it was touched, but may still try to reach the treasure with the second hand.
  4. If It touches the thief's second hand, then the thief becomes a guard and helps It guard the treasure by trying to touch the other thieves hands.
  5. If a thief manages to steal the treasure, then he or she is It for the next round.

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