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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Mass Readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

  • First ReadingJeremiah 20:10-13: The prophet expresses his frustration and anguish over the opposition he faces for delivering God’s message. Despite the hardships, Jeremiah reaffirms his trust in God and acknowledges that God is with him, giving him strength and protecting him from his enemies.
  • Responsorial PsalmPsalm 69: Call upon the Lord in faith, seeking His loving response. Endure insults and shame, trusting in His boundless kindness and mercy. Rejoice, for the Lord hears the cries of the poor and oppressed, and let all creation join in praise.
  • Second ReadingRomans 5:12-15: Sin and death entered the world through one man, Adam, but through the one act of righteousness by Jesus Christ, grace and eternal life are made available to all who believe. Through Adam’s transgression, humanity was condemned, but through Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection, God’s gift of forgiveness and justification abounds, offering reconciliation and abundant life to those who receive it.
  • GospelMatthew 10:26-33: Jesus encourages His disciples to fearlessly proclaim His teachings, assuring them that whatever is hidden will be revealed and their actions will be brought to light. He emphasizes that they should not fear those who can harm the body, but rather fear God who holds ultimate authority over both body and soul, and promises that those who acknowledge Him before others will be acknowledged by Him in return.

Themes for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

The readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A are a call to trust in God. Although our circumstances can be unsettling or frightening, God is always caring for us. The first reading Jeremiah trusts in the Lord even though he is being plotted against. The psalm expresses hope that God will hear our prayers in times of distress. The second reading reminds us that Jesus rescued us even though we are sinners. And in the gospel,Jesus tells us “Fear no one” and that we are loved and cared for by God.

  • Perseverance in the face of opposition: The first reading from Jeremiah portrays the challenges and opposition that the prophet faced in fulfilling his calling. Despite the persecution, Jeremiah remained steadfast in his faith and trust in God. This theme encourages believers to persevere in their faith, even when confronted with adversity or opposition.
  • Trust in God’s faithfulness: Jeremiah exemplifies unwavering trust in God’s faithfulness and protection, recognizing God as a “dread warrior.” This emphasizes reliance on God’s strength during difficulties. The Gospel stresses trust in God’s providential care, assuring disciples of His awareness and urging trust in His guidance, care, and protection.
  • Redemption and salvation: The second reading for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A delves into the concept of redemption and salvation. It discusses how sin entered the world through Adam, leading to death and separation from God. However, through the gift of Jesus Christ, redemption is offered, and believers can be reconciled with God. This theme emphasizes the transformative power of Christ’s sacrifice and the opportunity for new life and salvation.
  • Fear and courage: The Gospel reading from Matthew addresses fear and courage in the context of proclaiming the message of Christ. Jesus reassures His disciples not to fear those who oppose them but to trust in God’s providence and protection. This theme encourages believers to overcome fear and rely on the courage that comes from faith in God.
  • God’s care for individuals: The Gospel reading further emphasizes the value that God places on each individual. Jesus affirms that God’s care extends even to the smallest details of His creation. This theme reminds believers of their worth in God’s eyes and reassures them of His intimate knowledge and care for them.

See the Homilies and Reflections section and the More Thoughts section for further expansion on these readings and some reflection questions for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A.

Resources for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Sunday June 21, 2026


The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah: A Beacon of Faith, Hope, and Divine Calling

The book of Jeremiah, with its themes of God’s relentless love, justice, and mercy, reminds us of the unwavering faith and commitment we are called to have in challenging times. It challenges us to examine our lives, stand firm in our faith, and boldly proclaim God’s message of love, mercy, and justice, even when it goes against societal norms. The book also offers a message of restoration and hope, pointing to the coming of Christ and reminding us of God’s grace and the promise of redemption.

As we reflect on Jeremiah’s life and words, may we be inspired to live out our faith authentically and draw strength from the enduring love and faithfulness of God. These themes resonate with the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, inviting us to embrace our role as faithful messengers and seek reconciliation with God through repentance and the new covenant in Christ.

Letter to the Romans

Paul’s Letter to the Romans: Faith, Grace, and Righteousness

The second reading for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A is Romans 5:12-15. This passage reflects on sin’s entry through one man, leading to death for all due to their shared sin. Death prevailed even without a defined law. Adam, representing humanity’s pattern, brought this, but Jesus’ grace far exceeds the transgression. The Epistle of Paul to the Romans is a vital part of the New Testament, addressing faith, righteousness, and salvation. Written to the Roman Christian community, it holds profound theological significance.

the gospel of matthew

Resources and Reflections for the Gospel of Matthew

The gospel for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A is Matthew 10:26-33. Jesus urges His disciples to boldly share His teachings, assuring that hidden things will come to light. He emphasizes fearing God more than human harm, promising recognition for acknowledging Him. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is portrayed as compassionate, dedicated to healing, feeding, and comforting the marginalized. His crucifixion showcases his profound love for humanity.

Patient Trust Prayer of Teilhard de Chardin

Teilhard de Chardin’s prayer of patient trust emphasizes the importance of waiting patiently for God’s guidance and the gradual process of discernment. It encourages individuals, especially high school students and young adults, to trust in God’s timing and allow ideas and vocations to develop naturally without rushing. This prayer resonates with the themes of trust, patience, and surrender to God’s will, which are relevant to the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A. It reminds believers to have faith that God’s hand is leading them, even when they feel uncertain or incomplete, and to embrace the journey of discernment with confidence in God’s plan.

fearful finds

Fearful Finds Relay

The Fearful Finds relay game challenges players to confront their fear of unknown substances by searching for hidden coins in a box filled with unusual textures. This activity provides a lighthearted way to explore personal fears and reflect on how faith and belief in God can help overcome them, relating to the theme of courage and trust in God’s providence on the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A.

What Are You Afraid Of? – Discussion and Reflection Questions

In the face of fear and difficult situations, Jesus promises to be with us and send the Holy Spirit to guide us. This reminds us to trust in Jesus, seeking His presence, peace, and new opportunities, and to share our fears with trusted friends or adults, knowing that our faith in Jesus can provide comfort and strength. This message relates to the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A by highlighting the theme of trusting in God and turning to Jesus in times of fear and uncertainty.

Homilies and Reflections for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Sunday June 21, 2026

Spread the Good News without Fear

Jeff Cavins discusses lessons we can learn from the readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, including why we should not fear spreading the gospel in even the darkest of places.

Take Courage!

It’s easy to think of courage as something we only need when facing our greatest fears, but in this video Fr. Mike explains how courage is necessary to live out every virtue. He shows how cowardice can seem harmless in the ways it sneaks into our thoughts, and shares words from great saints who commissioned the faithful to practice fortitude in our everyday lives.

Prioritizing Our Fears

A homily for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A from Bishop Robert Barron. “As we return to the regular cycle of readings in Ordinary Time, we meet with a bracing spiritual teaching from the Lord Jesus. No matter who is threatening you, who is thundering denunciation, who is coming at you with furious intensity: don’t be afraid! Why? Because in Jesus Christ, you are connected to the very power of God, to that which is here and now creating the universe.”

Be Not Afraid

A reflection for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A from Scott Hahn. “Our commitment to Christ will be put to the test. We will hear whispered warnings and denunciations, as Jeremiah does in today’s First Reading. Even so-called friends will try to trap us and trip us up.” Continue reading.

Carrying the Word of God

Another homily for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A from Bishop Barron. “Today I have the special pleasure of preaching on a passage from the prophet Jeremiah, someone that we hear from relatively rarely throughout the liturgical year. Along with Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, Jeremiah is one of the so-called major prophets of Israel. This means not only that he was a great and influential figure but also that he wrote (or at least inspired) a book of some weight and importance. What was the theme of Jeremiah’s preaching and prophesying? It was terrible—which is one reason why he was known as ‘terror on every side.’”

More Thoughts for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Steadfast Trust in God: Lessons from Jeremiah

The first reading on the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A introduces Jeremiah, a prophet who faces betrayal and attacks from trusted friends. Despite this, Jeremiah remains steadfast in his mission, demonstrating unwavering faith and trust in God’s care. His example reminds us that our faith should not depend on external circumstances or the support of others, but rather on our unyielding trust in God’s presence and guidance.

Jeremiah’s story challenges us to reflect on the nature of our own commitment to God and His mission. It prompts us to examine whether our faith remains resilient in the face of challenges, opposition, and betrayal. By drawing inspiration from Jeremiah’s unwavering trust, we can cultivate a deep and authentic faith that sustains us through adversity, knowing that God’s care endures and empowers us to fulfill our purpose with unwavering confidence.

The Power of Faith: Salvation and Hope in Christ

In the second reading, Paul underscores the vital role of faith in Christ for our salvation. He emphasizes that without faith, we risk falling into despair, highlighting that it is our belief in the redemptive work of Christ that saves us. Paul’s message resonates with the theme of the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, reaffirming the significance of faith in God’s providence and the hope it brings amidst life’s challenges and difficulties.

Paul’s emphasis on faith serves as a reminder that our salvation is not achieved through our own efforts or works alone, but through the grace of God received by faith. In times of trials and tribulations, it is our unwavering trust in Christ’s redemptive sacrifice that sustains us and instills hope within us.

This message resonates with the readings of the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, as we are encouraged to place our faith in God’s saving power and find comfort and strength in the hope that comes from knowing His love and mercy. By embracing faith in Christ, we can overcome despair and find reassurance in the promise of salvation, even in the face of life’s greatest challenges.

Trusting God Amidst Trials: The Soul’s Salvation

In the Gospel passage for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, Jesus forewarns his disciples about the trials and persecutions they will encounter as they carry out their mission of spreading his message. While acknowledging the physical risks they may face, Jesus emphasizes that the well-being and eternal salvation of their souls hold greater significance. This teaching highlights the paramount importance of placing our trust in God’s care, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Jesus’ words remind us that our ultimate focus should be on the health and salvation of our souls rather than solely on temporal concerns. He encourages his disciples, and by extension, all believers, to place their unwavering trust in God’s love and provision. Jesus assures them that God knows them intimately, valuing each person with deep compassion and care. This message serves as a profound reminder of the profound love and concern God has for each one of us.

Amidst the trials and tribulations we encounter, we are called to emulate the disciples’ trust in God’s care. By having faith in God’s love and provision, we can find solace, strength, and hope in the knowledge that God intimately knows us and is attentive to our needs. This message resonates with the overarching themes of the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, emphasizing the importance of unwavering faith in God’s guidance and love, especially in the face of adversity.

Anchored in Faith: Navigating Trials with Trust

As we delve into the readings of the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, we are compelled to reflect on the indispensable role of faith and trust in God when traversing the challenges and trials of life. Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah’s example, we recognize that, like him, we may encounter betrayal and attacks from those around us. However, our unwavering faith in God’s unfailing care can serve as an anchor, sustaining us amidst tumultuous times.

Paul’s message echoes the significance of faith in our salvation, guarding us against the perilous grip of despair. It emphasizes that our belief in the redemptive work of Christ is instrumental in attaining eternal salvation. Furthermore, Jesus’ words resonate deeply within us, urging us to prioritize the well-being of our souls and to place unshakeable trust in God’s intimate knowledge and unwavering care for us.

The 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A beckons us to deepen our faith and entrust ourselves to God, even in the face of adversity. It serves as a poignant reminder that amidst the trials of life, we are not alone, for God is intimately present and cares deeply for us. By wholeheartedly embracing and placing our faith in God’s loving care, we can find solace, strength, and hope, knowing that our souls are safeguarded by the unyielding love of our Creator.

Reflection Questions for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Sunday June 21, 2026

  • In the story of Jeremiah, we see his steadfast trust in God even in the midst of betrayal and attacks. How can we cultivate a similar unwavering faith in God’s care, especially when faced with challenges and opposition?
  • Paul emphasizes the importance of faith in Christ for our salvation. Reflect on your own faith journey. How does your belief in Christ’s redemptive work bring you hope and guard against despair in difficult times?
  • Jesus encourages his disciples to prioritize the health and salvation of their souls above all else. How can we apply this teaching in our own lives? How can we deepen our trust in God’s intimate knowledge and care for us?
  • How does the theme of faith and trust in God resonate with your own experiences? Share a time when your faith in God’s care helped you navigate a challenging situation.
  • What steps can you take to strengthen your faith and trust in God amidst trials and tribulations? How can you rely more deeply on God’s love and provision in your daily life?
  • Reflect on the significance of having faith in God’s guidance and love, even when it goes against societal norms or expectations. How can you align your actions and decisions with God’s will, even when faced with opposition or criticism?
  • How can the lessons from Jeremiah, Paul, and Jesus in these readings inspire you to live out your faith more authentically? In what ways can you be a faithful messenger of God’s love, mercy, and justice in a world hungry for meaning and purpose?

Quotes and Social Media Graphics for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

the lord is with me

But the Lord is with me, like a mighty champion: my persecutors will stumble, they will not triumph.

Jeremiah 20:11

Music Suggestions for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Sunday June 21, 2026

Frequently Asked Questions for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

When is the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A?

The next date is Sunday June 21, 2026.

For other years see the links below:
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What are the Mass readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A?

The Mass readings forSunday June 21, 2026 are:
First Reading – Jeremiah 20:10-13: Steadfast Trust in God’s Unfailing Care
Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 69: A Cry for Deliverance: Finding Hope in the Depths
Second Reading – Romans 5:12-15: The Gift of Grace: Redemption through Christ
Gospel – Matthew 10:26-33: Trust in God’s Care: Fear Not, for You Are Valued
See the readings section of this page for a longer summary of these readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A and links to the readings.

What Are the themes for the Mass readings for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A?

Some themes] include perseverance in the face of opposition, trust in God’s faithfulness, redemption and salvation, fear and courage, and God’s care for individuals. These themes highlight the importance of remaining steadfast in faith, relying on God’s guidance and protection, finding redemption through Christ’s sacrifice, overcoming fear with courage rooted in faith, and recognizing God’s intimate care for each individual.
See the themes section of this page for an expansion on these themes for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A.

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