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Understanding the Book of Revelation

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Understanding the Book of Revelation can be difficult. Many find it one of the hardest books of the bible to understand. In his book The Lamb's Supper: The Mass As Heaven on Earth, Scott Hahn makes the case that the Book of Revelation is actually a description of the Mass. And every time we participate in the Eucharistic celebration we are actually taking part in a liturgy where heaven intersects with earth.

In this book, Dr Hahn explains how Mass reveals the heavenly banquet of the Lamb of God. He tells his own history and how his own encounter with the Mass unexpectedly led him to convert to Catholicism. He talks about the various ways the book of Revelation has been interpreted. And then he delves into how the images, rituals, and characters in the book directly relate to what we do at Mass.

This book can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Mass. If you are trying to develop your own understanding of the Catholic liturgy so you can share it with others, this is a good starting point.

Read more about the book or the study guide for group discussion points to learn more about this resource for understanding the Book of Revelation from a Catholic point of view.

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